The natural world has always been a shared and celebrated love. When considering what to name the brand, we always came back to a garden, imagining our own each time and desiring to call it something unique.

In search, we joyfully chose the term Parterre. A parterre is a garden with different distinct sections, separated yet connected by paths, creating beauty through it's symmetry and pattern but also its differences.

Both of us have brought our own taste and aesthetic to this brand, informing on and defining our varied products in a collaborative way. From the beginning of our long working relationship, there has always been a path between us, pushing us to explore and design something more.

Parterre is the result of careful perspective — a symmetrical brand we find joyful and unique. The design processes that make Parterre have been collaborative. Branding, print design, product construction and detail -- it has been an enormous joy to work together on each. 

From the beginning this brand has been about the pursuit of life's pleasures and the joyful anticipation of seeing new ones brought to life. It is with pride we show you Parterre.

Julia Berolzheimer and Hanna Seabrook